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Welcome to ISI Chicago!

ISI Chicago is part of International Students, Inc. (called “ISI”), a national, not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping today’s international students who are visiting the U.S. for study.

With ISI you can experience

* friendships,

* practicing conversational English,

* learning about American culture,

* the joy of teaching Americans about YOUR country's culture (they're eager to learn!)

* fun social activities!

 Be sure to visit the EVENTS for information on past local international student events!

More for International Students

Upcoming Events
Saturday, October 4

“International Smorgasbord Food Fest”

Smorgasbord? What in the world in that? A smorgasbord is a variety of food dishes from various parts of the world that are nicely prepared and set out for all to enjoy. We want to invite you to come and bring you friends. This will be a great time to ...

• Experience some international foods that you may not have had before
• Practice your English
• Learn something about other Cultures
• Make some American friends

You will not want to miss this FUN event.
Click here to register.